I tried tearing off the shoulder blades of an American


Are you feeling shoulder pain or stiffness? Do you find it hard to move your arms freely or have trouble reaching behind your back? These symptoms can be caused by a lack of mobility in your shoulder blades and upper back. However, don’t worry! Our Osaka-Monzen Chiropractic clinic offers a special treatment called “Shoulder Blade Stretching” that can help alleviate the pain and give you back your range of motion.

This treatment is especially beneficial for those who don’t engage in exercise regularly, as their joints tend to get stiffer over time. Our experienced massage therapists use gentle pressure and stretches to loosen up the muscles surrounding the shoulder blades, effectively increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. After just one session, you will feel a noticeable difference in the movement of your shoulders and the weightlessness in your body.

These shoulder blade stretch massages are not only popular among Japanese clients but also widely enjoyed by Americans, Europeans and Asians. Our clinic is staffed not only by experienced Japanese therapists but also English-speaking therapists to make sure that everyone from all nationalities can feel comfortable and at ease while receiving treatment.

Don’t let sore shoulders and discomfort keep you from living a full life! Book an appointment with us today and experience the wonder and benefits of our Shoulder Blade Stretching massage for yourself.